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ABB Pad Mounted Transformer
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ABB's pad-mounted transformers are mounted on the ground to service underground distribution networks. These transformers typically serve urban and rural residential, commercial and industrial loads. They offer the maximum amount of tamper resistance in the lowest profile design. 

ANSI single-phase pad-mounted transformers come equipped with a clamshell cabinet for ease of opening and uninhibited access to connections. Versatility of design allows for various protective and switching configurations.

ANSI three-phase pad-mounted cabinet offers a unique cabinet that features one piece sloped cabinet weather cover to effectively shed water and allow easier access into the cabinet compartment. The transformer can be configured for live and dead front high voltage connections along with radial or loop feed. Various switching and protection schemes can be integrated into the unit making for a low profile,  reliable and multi-functional transformer. 

ABB's generator step-up, three-phase pad-mounted transformers have been designed to meet the stringent standards for wind and solar farm demands. They would be mounted outside at the base of the tower while for solar can be stand-alone or part of a kiosk solution.

Three-phase, pad-mounted transformers can be outfitted with TPC protection system compensating for capacitive earth fault current in underground cables for the protection and safety of sensitive loads.


Pad Mounted Transformer

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