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ABB Formula MCCB

MCCB-Molded Case Circuit Breaker

The MCCB is used to control electric energy in distribution n/k and is having short circuit and overload protection. This circuit Breaker is an electromechanical device which guards a circuit from short circuit and over current. They offer short circuit and over current protection for circuits ranges from 63 Amps-3000 Amps. The primary functions of MCCB is to give a means to manually open a circuit, automatically open a circuit under short circuit or overload conditions. In an electrical circuit, the over current may result faulty design

The MCCB is an option to a fuse since it doesn’t need an alternate once an overload is noticed. Unlike a fuse, this circuit breaker can be simply reset after a mistake and offers enhanced operator safety and ease without acquiring operating cost. Generally, these circuits have thermal current for over current and the magnetic element for short circuit release to work faster.

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