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CP-B power supplies

Ultracapacitor-based buffering units

ABB's ultra-capacitor based CP-B buffer modules serve to ensure a shortterm uninterrupted power supply system with a voltage of 24 V DC by buffering the load in case of power loss.
The buffer modules feature a new technology of storing energy by using ultra-capacitors which entirely obviate the need for maintenance
and exempt deep discharge in comparison to batteries.

The energy storage can be expanded with additional extension modules for longer buffering times and is therefore utmost adaptable

Main benefits

• Maintenance-free 
• Latest ultracapacitor technology 
• No deep discharge
• Temperature resistant

Main features

• Rated input voltage 24 V DC
• Rated currents 3 A DC, 10 A DC, 20 A DC
• Expandable with CP-B EXT.2 module
• LEDs for status indication
• High efficiency of more than 90%

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